5 Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website

Web design killersAre looking to improve your website?

Does your website perform poorly?

Do you want to know if your website design is the problem?

There is a few design mistakes that you should definitely not commit . . .


#1 Color

Adding color to a design is necessary.  With that said you need to work with a pallete that compliments your website and or products.

Text needs to be easily readable.  To do so, choose contrasting colors.
* It is easier one the eye to read black text on white background than white text on black.

Less is more.  Especially when it comes to colors on a website.  But don’t get boring either.  Use enough colors that it attracts the viewer but not strain the eye focusing on so many colors.  You want to keep the focus on what’s important, your content and products.
* Highlight products and important content with another color that contrasts and compliments your scheme.

If you want to attract the viewer’s eye, use bold colors. But be careful,  If the color scheme is too intense, it will attract the eye in too many directions, and the technique will lose its effectiveness.

#2 Kill The Clutter – Non Hoarding Sidebars

Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Google Plus, Flickr, Instagram, and on, and on, and on.  Sidebars that run down the page as long as the great wall of China.  And that’s exactly what it is, a great big wall that does not let visitors see what is important on your site.

Why do you spend so much time on social media trying to get people to your site to only send them away?  Social Media is to Socialize and build new customers.  Once you build these relationships and they actually visit your site, why would you send them away?  You want them to buy what you are selling, read your posts, find value in your page.  A full on Facebook widget is going to get them reading your last status update (that may include what you just ate Auughh).

You do not need to get rid of all Social media links, just make them less intrusive.

White space is your friend, embrace it!

#3 Bad Images

Yuck. What the heck is that?  A bad picture gets a whole lot of attention… negative attention that is.

Plain and simple do not use images that are not resized to fit your header or any other location you want to stick it in.  Stretched out, blurry images are horrible and make your site look cheep.  If you don’t care about your website than why would someone else?

Images can have positive effects on a web site especially if you include a caption.  Captions tend to call a lot of attention, so don’t be afraid to use them positively.

#4 Music

Many of you might know this already, but believe it or not, I get a lot of people who want to add music to their website.  It is said that the majority of people who visit a website that has music, quickly gets out of the website or mutes their computer.

People are surfing the web at work, at a coffee shop etc., they really do not want everyone hearing what they are searching for.  It has a negative impact most of the time, so just don’t do it.

#5 Flash

I hate it.  Yes, it looks cool.  Yes, it calls attention.  With that said let me tell you how it negatively impacts your site.

Please wait, the site is loading.
If you only have a few seconds to catch a viewer’s attention on your page, you just lost it.

Flash = technical problems.  It consumes a lots of computer resources (memory, CPU) for your site visitors, which can slow down and destabilize their computers. Do you want your site to possibly cause your viewers browser to crash?

I ♥ Apple Products.  Flash does not work on Apple Products.

Search engine crawlers can not read Flash content and flash can negatively impact your websites search engine results (SEO). So if search engines can’t index it, it can crash your viewers computer, it does not work on some platforms, and you can drive traffic away, why use it at all?

If you are willing to make some small changes to your website, I can assure you that your site will perform 100% better than it currently does.  What has worked for you?

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